Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yarn Along

Today I'm knitting along with Ginny at Small Things and posting a current read. I picked up Respect the Spindle at the library for what I thought would be a casual flip through.... and now I want to learn to spin. Maybe for my birthday this sumer there might be a drop spindle and a bit of wool to play with?

Current knitting? After all the busy-ness of last weekend and the beginning of this week I've only really gotten through another row or two, but it *is* a few more rows on my second lace and cable sock and I'm determined to finish it by the end of the month to keep my sock goal going.

I don't know why March always surprises me like this- March and early April are the heaviest weeks in the studio work wise each year, although I always seem to forget until these weeks arrive on my doorstep. I have to be even more intentional about crafting so that I don't feel overrun with work.

In other knitting news I finally got up the courage to unravel a sweater that was mostly done but in completely the wrong size and with some mistakes that were bugging me. I actually feel much better that it's washed and back to center pull balls ready to knit again, this time in the correct size! I never wanted to work on it because it seemed like those mistakes were yelling at me every time I picked it up. I'm glad I finally went for it and ripped the silly thing back.


  1. do learn to spin! you will love it. i started 10+ years ago and it one of the best things i ever learned!

  2. Oh the rip out is so hard! I have a sweater that is waiting for me to do the same thing but it is just too painful

  3. I just ordered that book. I googled drop spindles and my husband made me one. It was very easy to put together, now I just need to use it!
    I ripped my sweater out twice before finally finishing it. I am much happier with it now so I completely understand what you are saying about yours.

  4. Ugh! Ripping just about rips my heart out! The sweater I'm working on has an error that jumps out at me... but I don't want to take it apart. Oh,the trials... I'm glad you are at peace with it. :-)
    Happy Knitting!

  5. Hi...just popping in as part of Yarn Along

  6. I wouldn't know where to start with spinning, and never really felt like giving it a try, never enough hours to knit for me, let alone spin! Hope you give it a try :) thanks for stopping by .


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