Monday, April 11, 2011

Hosta Pasta

:: Deep breath ::

The recital is finished, and I get to collect myself this week. And my house. I have untold amounts of laundry to do... but after a quick pick up this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find that the house isn't as bad off as I had imagined. Just mountains and mountains of laundry.

I *was* surprised to see that spring has erupted around us. In this last week it has burst out everywhere and we had a great time on our walk this morning discovering the buds and little bits of spring evidence.

And this is the beginning of one of the hostas we transplanted last fall. Ezra was the first to spot it and he cried out, " A bud, a bud!"

I asked if he remembered planting the hosta plants last year and he looked at me wide eyed.

"A PASTA PLANT?!?!?!?"

*That* was a fun one to try to explain. He was completely and utterly convinced that we were going to picking fresh spaghetti every day this summer, and it took a *long* time to convince him otherwise.

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