Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


These blooms are gone now, but I find myself looking back through the photos often, loving that beautiful faint purple...


Ezra eating cotton candy at his first baseball game of the season.

Does it get much happier than that?

It was under 40F that day, plus a wicked wind, so we were bundled up tight.


Me, bundled up and wondering if my tombstone would read

"froze to death at a baseball game."

Because that's just embarrasing.


Attempts to get my super straight/can't hold a curl for ANYTHING hair to


hold a curl.

My husband has naturally super curly and super thick hair and he totally doesn't get my desire for curls. 

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  1. Oh, DO look cold! At least you survived though! Hope your day was "curly!"

  2. Under 40 degrees and windy sounds miserably cold-I hope your team at least won!

  3. Embarrassing... or honorable?

    My mom always says that she thinks in terms of newspaper headlines in such situations, which of course means that I do now too! "Area Mom Freezes to Death at Local Baseball Game: 'She was a real trooper,' say husband and sons."

    These are great - thanks for linking up!

  4. Mary, I like honorable better! I'm going with that. :)

  5. Those lilacs look lovely. Ours never bloomed this year. :(

  6. Ha! The tombstone comment is priceless. I have annoying curly hair too so I get where your husband is coming from. Now that I have 3 kids however I am thankful for curls that don't need to be primped. :)


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