Thursday, June 9, 2011


:: What You Need to Teach Your Child to Read. This is pretty much exactly what we do, minus the actual books. We make our own cards, silly sentences, and learn phonics rules on the handy little white board we use for everything. For readers we totally take advantage of the library. The only thing we are a bit different about is the text for readers- if my son will read a whole book about super heroes instead of just one page of another reader I will totally go for the superhero book.

:: The super awesome Sorbetto Top by Collete Patterns. I'm trying very very hard not to start this in keeping with the summer pledge to not start new things when I'm still looking at a stack of old things.

This book has acccompanied me this week to three baseball games, one hospital visit and even to church, y'all! Okay- not into the actual service, but for the car ride to and from.

There is serious goodness in here and I have a strong urge to make it ALL this summer.

I've been told this serious craving for progress in creative areas I've been feeling lately is because there is so little we can do to help my mother-in-law right now. So I'm over-riding that helpless feeling bying doing as much as I can elsewhere.

:: We haven't made butter since last fall. I'm not really sure why, but oh it is so good... Another thing on the "to do" list this summer...

:: Ahhhhh the summer fun list. We haven't made one yet and it's already June 9th! We need to get moving on this one!

Have you run into any inspiration this week?

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  1. Erin, I've been reading about your mil and I'm so sorry that your family is dealing with this pain. We're praying for you for peace and rest as you support her, make decisions and just go through the day to day.

    Crafting is so therapeutic, I hope it brings you some comfort. I'm printing that pattern you linked to and am wondering if I could actually tweak it to work well for nursing. And that canning book... I need to add it to my collection this year. I finally feel that I have the time to start crafting again and for me, that also includes the kitchen!


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