Monday, June 6, 2011

Do Something Every Day

Dear Erin,

You  have a serious problem.

You love to have a lot of things "in progress" and that means eventually having a lot of things that should truly be classified as "unfinished".



Just to name a few.


This evidence kind of smacked me in the face when I had to find an important paper on my sewing desk and it took me forever to dig it out. I found myself thinking,

How do I ever get anything done over here?

And the truth is that I just don't. My sewing table has become the place to stack projects in a variety of states of progress instead of a place to actually do the work.

So, I'm making a little challenge to myself. A challenge to take a step forward on a project every day.

My rules:

1. Do Something Every Day.

Seems super simple, right? But if it's so simple, then why is it such a challenge? I know, I know- kids hanging around, work, dinner to make, homeschooling, church activities, that summer baseball schedule...

We have all that here too. I'm also babysitting my 16 month old nephew on the days I'm not working. But I need to make 10 minutes or more every day to work on things. I'm happier when I'm making things and that makes me a better wife and mama.

It can be cutting out pattern pieces, pinning in prep to sew, sewing just a seam or two, knitting a row or two (or more!), weaving in ends on a knitting project that is otherwise complete... I need to do whatever is the next step forward on a project, even if I only have 5 or 10 minutes to do something.

2. Plan time.

If I don't think ahead to find a little gap of time for crafting it just won't happen, especially not with the schedule we have going on this month. There *is* time to be found, but I have to plan to devote it to crafting if 'm going to get anything done.

3. No new projects until I've completed 3 unfinished projects.

I really need to make a dent in my "in progress" pile, and I think I have to narrow myself to only working on those things before I can start anything else.

The only exception to this is Ezra's birthday gift that I need to sew before July 1.

After I've completed 3 "in progress" projects I can only start 1 new thing for each unfinished project completed. I'm trying to be realistic here- I *will* want to start new projects plus I have a few new projects that must be completed at some point this summer so that we will have them to wear in the fall.

Do you have a pile of "in progress" crafting to work on?

Please join in!

Challenges are always more fun when we work together. :)


  1. I try to read, knit and paint a little each day! I am glad to know I am not the only one who has more than one thing going at a time.

  2. I schedule reading and knitting time every day. The scrapbooking actually has to be "booked" in blocks of time to get the scrapping mojo going.

    And when I took knitting back up again about 5 years ago I swore to myself that I would be a monogamous knitter with only one project on the needles at a time......I lied.

  3. I try really hard to knit and read every day. Summer is so difficult because we tend to be very busy. I also try to finish projects before starting too many.

  4. I really do have a lot of unfinished projects. My husband is on vacation next week, so I'm hoping he'll entertain children while I get some sewing done. My little guy is running out of diaper covers that fit.. so its getting to be a desperate situation! Good luck with your new rules!


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