Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yarn Along

Sharing my current read and current knit together with Ginny...

I apologize for the flash picture, but it was about 8:30 at night in the car as I was working on that second bootie, and the light was not very forgiving...

In my mind I had made those Eco Booties [Rav link] already, but then I found myself the day of our trip to see the new little nephew without a gift in hand and these quick little things came to be in the 3 hour drive to see him for the first time. They truly were quick- about 2 hours and 15 minutes from first cast-on to the last seaming on bootie #2. I used a size 8 needle with worsted weight for something a little bigger than newborn so that they will be ready to wear around October.

They were so simple and lovely to knit that I read John Adams at the same time; another chapter down!

It was very rewarding though to run so quickly through a project, even if it was something so tiny. Makes one a little smug I think... but then I temper that quickness with longer work like the Omelet shawl, so it all evens out...

Do you prefer shorter projects or longer ones? Maybe different kinds for different seasons?


  1. Give me a good steady long project. While short ones bring quick satisfaction, I prefer the deep feeling after a good long struggle of love and hate that leads to victory. ...I also am a loyal knitter and only have one project at a time on my needles...
    Happy knitting!

  2. I am now finding that I like to have two project's. I always have a long project in
    my bag for car trips and a short one in the
    basket to just grab when I have a few minutes.

    The booties are just too cute!

  3. I have been wanting to read John Adams. I got it for my husband for his birthday a couple of years ago and it's been calling to me from the shelf.

  4. Adorable booties! I'm can knit *and* read *while* riding in a car! I try to keep a small project that doesn't have/require a pattern in my purse, a project that doesn't require a lot of concentration downstairs near my son's play space, and my bigger, more intense projects in my upstairs study (with a door and good light) ;-).

  5. Cute booties! The first pair of booties I ever made took so long! Like weeks! now I can zip through a pair in a day or two.

    I'm following you now! You can check out my blog here

  6. I'm all about the short projects lately. I just can't be bothered with something that takes a long time. It's been lots of socks for me! The booties are adorable.

  7. Knitting and reading while travelling in a dusk?? I'm very impressed! I used to be a huge car reader but it doesn't work so well for me anymore - more time for knitting doesn't hurt, though. We have a 14 hour drive coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping that between passing umpteen snacks I'll get lots of knitting time in!

  8. I have yet to master knitting and reading at the same time! The booties are so sweet.

  9. how adorable! I remember knitting booties for my little one a couple years ago, they looked to big on his tiny newborn feet :)
    P.S. You have a beautiful blog, love all the photos!

  10. I, like you, try to temper a long project with a quick and dirty one. It makes working on the longer project not so tedious.


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