Friday, June 3, 2011

Curriculum Fair and Organizing Our Year

Simple Homeschool has spent the last few weeks in an online curriculum fair sharing plans for a variety of grades. This week they've invited us to share our plans for next year. Make sure to add your plans to the curriculum fair!

I was asked how we're staying organized this year and I wanted to share the little form I made.

Our schedule is divided into daily work and subject work.

Daily work includes:

:: Either First Language Lessons or Victory Drill Book (FLL Monday/Wednesday/Friday and VDB on Tuesday/Thursday)

:: Math

:: Handwriting Without Tears

:: Bible

:: Violin practice

:: Our current read aloud (Stuart Little on these pages)

The second column on the daily spaces is for Ezra in case there is something certain I'd like to designate to each day. Most likely though I'll just be setting things up for him Montessori style each week and letting him get to work as he sees fit.

Subject Work includes three days worth of work in three areas: History, Science and Fine Arts. These are choices Ender can make throughout the week and as long as all the work is complete he can choose them in any order. So he can choose to do all three days worth of a subject in one day, one day of each subject, or any other combination he'd like.

In the picture I shared above it shows nothing for Science or Fine Arts, which isn't accurate- I'm just still designating science plans to the correct weeks and the same for our art projects. I know the overall scope of the plans but I'm still breaking them into weekly chunks.

I also made a checklist for Ender to keep inside his notebook so that he can check off each day's work as he works through it. He really does well with a checklist like this because he can't stand to leave something unchecked even if it's for a good reason.

How are you staying organized for next year?

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