Sunday, July 24, 2011

Project Triage

We've been busy the past few weeks.

Well, I've been busy. The boys have been playing and making their own fun and I've been painting walls, canning, knitting, making LOTS of lists, getting ready for the school year, working on an updated business plan, re-organizing closets, slimming down the boys' toy options, scheduling the next year in the studio, and generally having if-I-don't-get-this-done-right-this-second-it-will-never-get-done-itis.

It started as a panicky feeling about two weeks ago and after all this work (and not feeling like a lot of progress) I called a halt to it Saturday night and spent a few hours doing project triage.

I think this is the part where I admit that this feeling comes over me about twice a year- it's a "finishing mode" that shows up when my project list hits critical mass (about 50 projects past where my husband would prefer it be). It rather conveniently hits me mid-July right as I go into major planning/scheduling mode for the studio and just before the month I take off from the studio to spend with my family before stepping back to the full time schedule in September.

It looks a little different each time I do project triage, but this summer it's all about index cards, baby:

The Breakdown:

:: SEVEN (!!!) unfinished knits that are over 80% complete and just need that last little push.

:: FIVE (!!!) unfinished sewing projects that are at least half complete.

:: A stack of "house" cards- one room per card with a list of the stuff that has to happen in there, closet re-organizing, painting, re-arranging, decorating, needs curtains... some of these things (like painting) must happen in the summer months while I'm not having clients in and out of the studio five days a week, but some tasks can go into the school year if need  be. I'm mostly concerned with accomplishing what must be done in that month when I don't work.

:: Business stuff. The summer session ends mid-August and we don't start the fall session for a full month. My goal is to be completely set for the fall and spring sessions by August 1 so that all of August can focus on family, house and crafty things.

:: Other projects that are time sensitive- canning is the most timely thingon that list, so that must be done when the food is available. We hit the farmer's market on Saturday mornings so I'm making plans for the next several weeks to get there a little earlier and then focus Saturdays on food.

We're setting up a temporary daily rhythm of school first thing in the morning, (we started very lightly last week and will increase over the next few weeks to the regular amount for the school year) followed by whatever house project is slated for that day. then some time in mid-afternoon to do whatever we'd like together (the pool is the most popular option right now!) and family time starting around dinner time when daddy gets home. I still work some over the next three weeks, but generally only 3-4 hours a day, three days a week.

Saturday is dedicated as "kitchen day" for preserving and Sunday stays (as always) our day for church and family.

And around that is the crafting. After spending some time in the evenings with Brian I've been working towards *finishing* projects, not starting. Some of those knits are ridiculously close to done. And even more staggering? I have yarn for another nine projects all ready to go, planned out, purchased, even wound into cakes. the sewing will kick into high gear once we get into that month long break. I have two little boys in desperate need of some pajamas and other clothing for fall!

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  1. Wow! All of your lists seem to have lots to do. I just started a Gift knitting list.


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