Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny again this week to share my current knitting and current read...

Yes, it's another sweater. It's from the same book as my Textured Tunic, but this time it's the Short-Sleeved Cardigan with Ribbing. This red bulky yarn sat on my desk for about 5 seconds before I was ready to knit it up, but I kept to my deal of finishing a UFO before starting anything else. So the Textured Tunic was completed last Wednesday night (weaving in ends AND seaming included!) and I started this beautiful red cardi on Thursday. The Textured Tunic still needs buttons though- I'm making a button finding trip this weekend and then I'll be sure to share the finished sweater. I find myself desperately wishing that we weren't in the middle of this crazy heat wave- I want to wear my new sweater!

As for books, I finished Naamah's Blessing 2 nights ago and last night started Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I've heard a LOT of good things about this book, particular in comparison to The Giver which was one of my favorites as a student. I've been reading Just So Stories with my boys before bed and that has been such a pleasant way to end our days.

I'm also still working on my Omelet Shawl one little row at a time. I haven't had much quality lace knitting time lately though- I keep having "stockinette" knitting time, you know what I mean? Lace takes a little more concentration for me and I just can't work with lace while I'm also reading to little boys, or they're building forts all around me. Just one more week of work in the evenings to finish the fall studio schedule and I'm back to quiet evenings of lace knitting.

Do you have certain projects that you can only work on in quiet? I'm better about lace now- it used to be that I could have absolutely no distractions, but now I'm okay with having the t.v. on in the background. I just can't have the boys running around or stopping me mid-pattern.


  1. I don't blame you for wanted to start right away with that red yarn, it is beautiful. I hope we all get cooler weather soon and you can were your sweater.
    Thanks for the book recommendation. My son read the Giver and loved it so I'll be hunting this book up.xx

  2. I love the sweater you are knitting. I love red! I understand where you are coming from in regards to what styles of knitting you can do at certain times! Jacinta x

  3. I love the raglan increasing or decreasing detail, very elegant. I too love the red!

  4. That sweater is great! I think everyone needs a red sweater in their closet.
    It's also essential to have different projects for different situations. I have lots of stockinette around for the noisy times and lots of interesting knitting for the quiet times.

  5. Really complicated patterns do that to me, too.

  6. I would definitely have to knit lace in super quiet. Depending on my nerves and the project I need quiet. One time I had to cast on for a project (about 120 stitches) about five times because I kept losing count and hadn't figured out how to mark my cast on stitches. I ended up going to the hot car to get away from all of the noise in my house!
    That red yarn is gorgeous!
    Angela (Peach Coglo)

  7. Both of your sweaters look fantastic! That looks like a great book, too. I'm excited to see the textured tunic after the button adventure!

  8. Wow! That shaw is amazing! And I love the color of the sweater.

    My daughter just finished reading Delirium for her August book club. She enjoyed it, but it's not my cup of tea.

    Thanks for stopping by for a blog visit.

    Blessings, Elizabeth


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