Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yarn Along

Yarning along with Ginny again this week...

Back again this week, this time without contortionist photos. I gave Ender a quick talk this morning about how to aim the camera, stood him on a chair and told him to go for it. Not too bad, right?

This is the Textured Tunic, totally unblocked, fresh from being wadded up in a pile while I work on the sleeves. We've been watching all the Harry Potter movies over the last several days in preparation for HP7 part 2 on Friday so I've been working on the sweater every time we watch. We watched HP6 tonight and I made it about 3/4 of the way through that first sleeve.

And yes, my extra skeins are IN my project bag this week. No "out of yarn" emergencies in the last 7 days. We'll see how long until I have to reset the counter.

Reading wise? All I can tell you is what's on my nightstand waiting to be read.

The past week has been a bit of a blur between the birthday party, a husband down with bronchitis, all the strawberrry canning, a child down with pneumonia, and a few organizing projects I should NOT have started while we were in the middle of all that other stuff.

On my nightstand waiting is Naamah's Blessing and Patchwork Style. I've started them both but haven't gotten far. I'll get back to reading after getting through this work week and finishing up a few projects.


  1. Wow, your sweater looks great! I love having knitting for movie watching.

    I had an out of yarn emergency this week...I left with my knitting and only about 2 yards of wool left in my ball.

  2. Your sweater is coming along beautifully. I love knitting and watching movies too. Sending your family well wishes this week. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Happy reading, once you get to it! Jacinta

  3. The sweater looks great! I like to knit during movies as well. I actually my knitting along to the library kids' showing last week. :)

  4. How fun to sit, knit and watch a movie! You have really moved along and how comforting to have extra yarn so no worries. Ender did a great job with the camera!

  5. Your photographer did a fantastic job! I really like your sweater. I also knit and watch movies, it is a great pairing of hobbies. I am going to hp 7 pt 2 on Saturday afternoon with my daughter....I cannot wait!

  6. Your tunic is lovely! I can't wait to see it finished :)
    I hope everyone is feeling better and that this is a much calmer week!

  7. Beautiful sweater! I have to admit that I always do much more knitting when I can sit and watch a movie during the process.
    I am also very excited about Harry Potter! We'll probably have to wait until Sunday to go, so I still have time to watch the final few movies in prep.

  8. That top looks lovely -and great photography too!
    I always knit while watching films, it's a great way to spend an evening!
    I hope your family is feeling better,
    happy knitting!

  9. Ender did a fantastic job of taking pictures for you. Well done!

    The tunic is looking good.

  10. Love your sweater! And movies and knitting definitely go hand in hand.

  11. What an awesome sweater!!

    *I'm excited for Harry too. I just watched all the movies for the first time and now I understand what the hype was all about!

  12. The tunic is wonderful! Great looking pattern. I hope your child is better soon--there is nothing more disturbing to a mother's peace than a very sick child.

  13. Wow..good job!! It looks so great!

  14. Beautiful! I love the colour!

  15. The sweater looks great! Nice color! We are doing a HP movie marathon also. We are on movie 6. I really wanted to read all the books again before the new movie was released, but since I learned to knit this winter I am having a hard time reading books I haven't read before. Ha! I can not really put much time into reading books I have already read multiple times.I am visiting from Ginny's blog.

  16. I hope everyone is better very very soon! You look awesome in that tunic. You are amazing!
    Strawberry canning is so fun too! I am envious. Hopefully we'll have a better season here next year. Sending get well vibes across the internet!
    Angela (peach coglo)

  17. I have never been able to knit anything for myself, let alone a sweater! I am in total awe! Great job!!


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