Wednesday, August 31, 2011


First things first: thank you so very much for the kind comments and emails. Monday was a very difficult day, as late that afternoon after several tests they determined that my mother-in-law's cancer has progressed to the point where it can no longer be treated. She will be released to full time hospice care just as soon as they can coordinate it- hopefully before the weekend. Her care at the hospital has truly been phenomenal and we are so thankful for their help as we move to the next stage. It is likely that she only has a few weeks left (they are giving us 2 months at the very outside).

Monday and Tuesday we spent 12+ hours with her at the hospital talking with doctors and hospice, and in between all that we waited. She sleeps a lot right now because every conversation take all of her energy.

Waiting apparently leads to a lot of finishing for me.

I bound off the Omelet shawl last night (no word on when it might be blocked) and I also finally got buttons sewn on  my Little Red Cardi. I'm within a couple of rows of finishing my Back-to-School U-Neck Vest as well. I'll share pictures as I have a chance to snap some.

My husband had to go back to work this morning, so the boys and I are also taking the morning to catch up on life a little bit and then I'll head back to the hospital this afternoon and the boys will go hang out with their cousin for awhile.

Thank you again, and I'll be back in this space soon.


  1. So sorry about your MIL. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Oh Erin, I wish you and your family much peace during this time. And I pray for relieve and contentment for your MIL. I have found hospice to be wonderful and know that your mother in-law will be well cared for. xx

  3. Oh my, what a difficult time. Sending wishes of peace and comfort to your mother-in-law and all of the family. Much love to you, Erin! xo R


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