Monday, September 5, 2011

New Normal

We picked up and moved house this past weekend.

It was a surprise move, but we got people together and made it happen in just a few hours.

My mother-in-law is home on hospice and after discussion we decided it would be best for my husband's dad for us to be there with him full time. So we're out at their place for the forseeable future.

The good thing was that we only had to move the boys' beds and a dresser furniture-wise, but I did have to re-pack the school room I spent early July setting up for the new school year and re-established a school table here in the "new" house. Otherwise it was mostly clothes and a few beloved toys, and of course all my yarn...

Yes, I'll admit. The yarn was packed before my clothes. And I didn't bring all of it. If I really need something that got left behind I can pick it up any time because I'll still be working out of our house during work hours (where my studio is) but I did bring far more yarn than I can knit in the next 3-6 months.

I'm not sure if that was overkill or smart planning. I'm leaning toward smart- because, you know, there could be a yarn apocalypse at any moment.

I'd generally offer a picture of the new digs here, but my camera is still in a box, and to be honest there just hasn't been a lot of picture taking between all the packing and unpacking.

The general points are:

1. The boys now have 5 acres to run around on and they think they are in heaven...

2. Because now they have a cat and are making grand plans for a dog now that we have a yard (we'll see about that...)

3. I started to knit the sweetest little baby socks.

4. I have to drive to work for the first time since 2007. I know. What a hardship, right? I'm just really used to my commute being the 20 seconds it takes me to walk from one room to the other. Mostly I'm worried about my poor brain remembering to bring everything I need to bring.

5. We're glad to be here where we are so needed.

Now we're trying to get into a new routine here and a little bit back to normal.


  1. I think you are very smart to pack your yarn first. A woman needs the important things to help the day along. Hope everything goes well for all of you. xx

  2. Now that you are closer to family, maybe your routine will come back! Packing yarn first is the sign of a hard core knitter :)


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