Monday, October 10, 2011

Lost Season

I wrote last week about how strange it seems that fall is here, how summer disappeared without our notice and now I have to say that I think this whole season may be lost too.

I don't think I've really taken pictures in several weeks, aside from a few clicks here and there, and while the boys are just as busy as ever I am down for the count. Thirty hours or so in the studio every week, homeschooling in the mornings, and the necessary appointments for eyes and teeth and baby add up to very little time to just be... and evenings are lost too, for as soon as I am home from the studio I am into bed to try to be ready to start again in the mornings. This pregnancy has certainly been the most tiring of the three. Thank goodness it will end with a new baby!

So thankful that...

:: Brian has taken over dinner for this season (since I am teaching every night in order to be more available in the mornings).

:: I can start a load of laundry in the morning and it is dried and folded and put away by day's end without any further work on my part.

:: Ender is reading all. the. time. Allowing him to stay up for 30 extra minutes as long as he is reading has paid off big time.

:: The second trimester isn't that far off... and hopefully this morning sickness and fatigue will ease up a little around that point.

:: Our family has been blessed with another nephew over the weekend - that makes the count 6 boys to 1 girl. We need more girls! (***hint to the baby***)

There sill isn't much new knitting, but I have been trying to be really diligent about sleep and water, which will pay off in a bigger way than new stitches.

I was sent this video by a friend, and thought I'd share here too:

My husband watched it, looked at me and said, "Why don't you knit that fast?" I thought about trying to explain to him that she knits continental and I knit English and that there are speed things that English knitters just can't do even though I'm a pretty fast knitter... but I know that would have just led to his eyes glazing over.

Anyway, I know this season will pass and while it probably won't be the most well documented, we'll still enjoy it and learn a lot and grow together through it.


  1. Thanks so much for the video! I would love to learn to knit faster, but like you, I knit English. Oh well, it's all about the process right? I need to remember that as I look at my way too long Christmas list full of knit ideas! xx

  2. I'll bet that Miriam Tegels does not have little children surrounding her and the phone ringing while she knits. But I have seen quotes that say that the difference between styles of knitting is not actually very great. Besides, the knitting I do is about the process. I enjoy trying new things and new patterns, not simply a race. Completing projects doesn't depend on how fast you knit but on setting aside blocks of time.


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