Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yarn Along

{Yarning Along with Ginny...}

I finally got a chance to block my Omelet shawl. It has been done for weeks and weeks,

but I just hadn't had time to get a good blocking in.

I have a really fancy blocking system where I spread out towels on my living room floor and then pin right into the floor. High tech, huh?

And for those of you who fear for the straight lines where my (yo k1 yo) is, I took these pics when I originally pinned it to try out different edges- I promise I blocked them straight!

And the full pic- I took several pictures during the blocking to try to decide exactly how I wanted to curve the bottom edge, and this one was really uneven... I went through several options before really settling on how I wanted those edges worked out.

It's settled now and drying... I'll get unpinned pictures up soon.

I have to say that watching lace bloom feels like magic every.single. time. I know I knit it and at the same time it seems like the lace just appears out of that blob of yarn.

And this is why I'm now a lace knitter.

Because it's MAGIC.

There hasn't been any baby knitting really yet. I'm still so nauseous and tired that I'm pretty much schooling the children in the morning, then working in the afternoon and evening and falling into bed so that I can get up and repeat it again the next day. Oh, plus having to eat a small meal every two hours to keep the nausea under control. Keeps a girl busy.

But I do have serious baby plans thanks to your contributions last time around- thank you so much!
There are so many great baby knits out there.

In reading news I've been working my way through Michael Grant's Gone series. I just finished #3 last night (Lies) and need to pick up #4 from the library. I'm sure I have a pretty impressive holds stack waiting for me there because I just ordered all of our October and November school books also... I'm also waiting on a copy of the newest biography about Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I studied him and his writings very seriously throughout high school and I am so excited to have yet another great biography to explore.

So what are you knitting and reading?


  1. I just knit my first piece of lace, a cowl,and I have to say that I want to be a lace knitter too. Your shawl is beyond beautiful!
    I almost bought Dietrich Bonhoeffer's book, but decided to wait since I just finished reading Auschwitz and needed something light to read to chase away the nightmares!xx

  2. That is lovely! I want to try lace knitting, but I have to get birthday season and Christmas present knitting out of the way first.

  3. The shawl is stunning!!! I have been knitting for a long time now, but to this day have never attempted anything lacy like that. It really is a work of art. Oh, I have the same fancy blocking system as you do. Only mine is in the guest bedroom to keep the dogs from trampling over it. :-)

  4. It is magic! I am so glad you were able to block it because it is simply gorgeous :)

  5. You are some knitter if you can truly say that it's like the lace just appears! Amazing.

  6. The shawl is beautiful. We have an almost identical blocking technique. Only my blocking surface is the bedroom floor. And the dog quite often likes to help by sitting on the damp towels if they are used......


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