Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcoming Fall

We must really be into fall now.

It's in the changing trees, that increased desire to knit warm things, the crisp air when we step outside to feed the cat and check to see if there might be one last tomato or pepper... and it came with a sneakiness we don't usually know.

I'm trying to think of where summer went. This is the first year since the boys have been part of our family that we didn't have a big celebration to welcome fall, making a big deal about that last trip to the pool and trying to squeeze out another few days wearing shorts and flip flops before jeans become a necessity.

We got it together in time to make a last camping trip over this past weekend with family and aside from one scary encounter with a rattlesnake (thank goodness for a quick-thinking uncle with a canoe paddle!) it was just what we needed for a low-key celebration to end one season and begin another. A little bit of fishing and canoeing, cooking hot dogs over the fire, little boys pretty much rolling in the dirt all day and *loving* it, and playing lots of board games into the wee hours made a perfect welcome to this new season.


  1. It feels like summer just flew by doesn't it? I am thankful for cooler weather, but miss the unscheduled days summer allows! xx

  2. Fall is my favorite season by far!


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