Monday, November 7, 2011


:: Growing a baby is a lot more exhausting this time around. I'm older, have two active boys, working, homeschooling... I'm still getting to bed pretty much as early as possible after the boys are down (and occasionally before thanks to my husband), and when evenings are your free time to knit and write and think, well- those things just don't happen.

:: I thought I'd be knitting or sewing again by now. It's like all the creativity has leaked out of me these last few months. I know I have Christmas gifts to make and yet I haven't started a single bit. I can't seem to get the motivation going even though I know time is ticking. Calling second trimester energy in 3... 2... 1...

:: I'm starting to think ahead to next school year and looking at materials so that I'm somewhat prepared before baby gets here. I want to be mentally ready for what needs done before baby is here and have the skeleton of the plan written out, maybe a start on booklists too. Then I can work on things after baby is here a little bit at a time over the summer. The hard part is figuring out *what* to do, and that's the part that must be done before we bring baby home.

Thoughts include: continuing in Singapore math, Writing With Ease, and the elements of our day we love (like reading aloud together and art projects),

I'm also looking into All About Spelling 1, and trying to decide a direction for our history program for next year (I'm kind of leaning towards a year focused on explorers and how they explored (and probably going into ships and navigation and that sort of thing). I've also been considering doing a year of ancients, but I planned that for this past year and scrapped it at the last minute- it just didn't feel right, and I'm still thinking that it isn't for us at this age/grade level.

:: As if we don't have enough to do right now, we are getting ready to put our house on the market. We have been tight here ever since Ezra was born, but now with another baby coming we really need to look at a new place with a bit more room. So we've made our list of things to work on to get everything sale ready and now we're spending the weekends trying to make that happen.

:: I know that life moves on around us even when it seems like time stopped for us. My google reader is super full even though I'm not back to writing regularly yet, and work goes on just as it always has even when I'm not sure how to get one more day in, and little boys need to run and play and be outside while outside is an enjoyable place to be. Everything keeps going and we're still trying to get back to routine and "normal".

We are working out of that "time stop" more and more each day, and lately that means far more good days than bad days. And after getting some extra (and much needed) sleep this past weekend I think we're on a steep upswing this week. :)

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