Thursday, November 17, 2011

Going Again

I made strides toward knitting the other day- I printed a few patterns for the baby that are gender-neutral with the full intention of casting *something* on that night. But I only have a little bit of my stash with me and the other part that had the baby yarn is at the other house still.... so no cast-on. I'm starting to worry that I don't remember how.

At first my husband rejoiced in the lack of knitting.

"The phase has finally passed!"

I don't think 3 years counts as a phase...

"No more old lady knitting jokes!"

There wouldn't have been any in the first place if you hadn't supplied them...

"No more tetanus shots due to knitting needles!"

Touche, sir.

But then he genuinely started to worry because I still wasn't knitting, plus I am pregnant which I had always warned him meant I would kick into high knitting gear before baby arrived...

He finally asked why I haven't been knitting and I told him the story I've told everyone who asks, and oh MY have they asked. I am just now realizing how often I knit in public and how most everyone I know (even casually!) thinks of me as "the girl who knits". And the public story is this: I'm just so very tired with the pregnancy and I've been going to bed pretty much the second the boys are down and when I *am* awake and have nothing to do (which happens... not that often) I pretty much only have enough energy to sit there and try to keep my eyelids open.

Brian finally said to me about two weeks ago- "You know, you're not going to bed that early any more- you definitely have time to knit again if you want to."

And while he is right, the knitting absence is really due to a whole other reason.

I was knitting this for her, and while I finished in time to gift it, she didn't make it to the Christmas it was supposed to be gifted on.

And I just haven't been able to get up the energy to go again.


  1. How sweet that he saw the missing knitting! Sounds like a perfect excuse to go yarn shopping :)

  2. Time heals. I know. One year ago was a hard time for me. I'm glad your caring husband encouraged you in the right direction. Be sure to get some rest and relaxation - with a pair of needles.


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