Tuesday, December 6, 2011


:: Our first dusting of snow arrived overnight, much to the excitement of two little boys. (Followed by disappointment that it is truly just a dusting and can't be made into forts or snowmen.)

:: Praying over our house, that the sale goes through as planned in the next few weeks so that we can move into the house we really love (and have offered on)...

:: Ezra is learning to read and *loving* it. Little by little we work together and it's the perfect amount for each of us I think. I stressed too much about this process with Ender and I refuse to stress this time around.

:: Thankful for yarn and fabric and the other textiles that bring warmth to our home. I truly love having so much handmade in our lives, and along with a giant word of THANKS that my desire to knit has finally returned. Perhaps the sewing bug will return just in time for Christmas?

:: I'm feeling movement from the baby at least once a day now. Only two weeks until we find out if this little one is a girl or a third little boy (and whether I can give away all my boxed up boy things before the move or if they will be working their way through one more babe in our family...)

:: I'm thankful for the chance to work less after baby is here and spend a lot more time with my kids.

:: I'm so thankful that we have the option to keep our boys home and educate them in the way we feel best. I love that legos are mixed in with math and reading and that we can put some "normal school" aside in December to learn about the truly important- spending our school time instead helping our church help our community.

:: I am thankful that my mother-in-law "Nana" established the importance of the Christmas season in my husband's heart when he was a young boy and that we can carry on many of the traditions she started in her absence.

:: And most of all, in the midst of all this change that would usually send me screaming, I'm thankful for just that- the change.

A house that will really fit our family and the life we live.

Boys getting bigger and finding out just how much there is to learn about the world.

Adding a new little one in what seems to be a long while but is really just one more season away...

And the thought of moving and settling into a new house just two months before baby appears?
Not even a little scary.

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  1. What a beautiful post! Wishing you a lovely day.


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