Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yarn Along

Wow- I had the hardest time getting a decent pic of this sweater that would actually show the true color of the yarn AND me without a goofy expression on my face. I'm ready to start the 3 purl rows before I head into several inches of stockinette on my Textured Tunic. We have our last baseball game of the season this week and I'm thinking I can make it through an awful lot of stockinette in that one game as long as it's not too humid to knit.

Must teach 5-year-old to photograph my knits so I don't break my neck trying to get pictures like that...

Current reads?

We started a little family reading contest about ten days ago.

We're trying to encourage Ender to read and he's pretty motivated by contests of this sort, so we're using it to our advantage. Brian has also had a hard time getting back into reading fiction after reading so much for school the last few years so he's in on it too.

Our first family goal is for everyone in the family to read 5 books at their level. Ezra is still being read to of course, but Ender is aiming to read 5 level 2 readers of his choice from the library.

The contest so far:

Brian: 1.5 novels

Me: 2.5 novels (I'm almost done with Gone)

Ender: a few pages shy of 2 readers

Ezra: 5 (and beyond since we read 2 or 3 books every day...)

The reward at the end of this family goal is TBD,  but I'm thinking some ice cream, a new book (he's checked out this DK Robot book from the library three times now so maybe that one?), maybe an outing to the local water park, something like that. Suggestions? We don't want to go super big since we plan to repeat the contest with different perimeters, but I do want a reward an almost 6 year old will actually feel is worth all that reading effort, you know?


  1. Good for you for doing the hard thing! I don't think I would have been able to follow through with the photo session. :)

    The sweater is lovely and I do love the color...

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. This sounds like a fun contest! I've been hoping we can use the summer for some extra fun reading. Our 6yo is rather reluctant but ice cream sounds like a wonderful motivation!
    Haha, how many of those type of pictures have I taken...or tried taking. The sweater looks great, though!

  3. Lovely pictures of a lovely top - good luck with the stockinette; I know how you feel!
    Have a lovely Wednesday..

  4. Love the pictures you took of the sweater Erin.
    The color of the yarn is beautiful.
    That is a great idea for reading and I think ice cream and a new book is a perfect reward!

  5. the tunic is coming out lovely! the color is beautiful ....

  6. After you teach your 5 yo. Could you teach my 21 yo??? I love the photos of the sweater, self portraits have become my specialty since I am always by myself when I want a photo!

  7. What a great contest!

    I think the ice cream treat or the book should be a fine prize.

    - Jen @ Wife, "Mom", Knitter

  8. Definitely teach your 5 year old to snap photos, though you look adorable trying to take your own!! The sweater is looking lovely!!

  9. Baseball practice seems like a great time to get some knitting done. I used to do contests like that all the time when I was a teacher. Sounds like a fun summer.

  10. I love the sweater you are knitting and the colour is gorgeous. I find some colours are so hard to get right. I think there is something to be said for teaching your kids to take photos, or just ask them to point and shoot. I find my girls can take gorgeous pictures without even trying sometimes. I love your reading challenge too. Jacinta

  11. What a great reading challenge! Ice cream sounds like a great prize...maybe a trip somewhere special? Or the winner gets to choose a special family activity? Good luck on continuing the sweater!


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