Monday, April 2, 2012

Learning In Progress, March 2012

We are slowing down for the year and only have about 2 scheduled weeks of school in April. We've worked hard to get our hours in early this year so we could afford to truly take time off for baby. When we finish up our hours in the next few days we will continue with math, daily reading and faith even though we are technically "out of school" for the year and I'm sure the boys will continue making projects as usual!

Ender is 6 years old, in first grade.

Ezra is 4 years old and having a very relaxed K4 year because of his desire to be included in our school time. Very little is required of him on a daily basis, but he often chooses to read along with us or work on various projects of his choosing.

** Reading Ender's weekly assignment from church every week.
** Started working on the extra verses flipbook for Awana Wingrunner
** 30 minute Bible Study with Brian each week, Genesis 5.
** Ezra- memorizing his weekly verse for Awana Cubbies.

** Ender completed Lesson 36-47 in Saxon Math 1A
** Continuing calendar skills with learning to write dates.
** Worked with the hundreds board and was able to complete the whole board without the guide AND with all the numbers mixed together in a pile- he was quite proud of this accomplishment since it took 45 minutes and he completed it without a break.
** Ezra worked with the spindle box and also began to work with the hundreds board in groups of ten. We also talked about counting by tens.

Language Arts:
** Copywork and narrations based on our history, science and literature readings
** HWT (yellow)- p. 60-75
** Ezra: Moveable Alphabet practice with CVC words, working with short vowels. We used words he knows to write silly sentences with the MA.

** Watched Animal Atlas on Netflix
** Narrating
from Christian Liberty Nature Reader K, letters K, L and M
** Read independently from Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1
** Worked on his own project: Making an "Animal Encyclopedia" from his own animal drawings and some animal coloring pages and arranging them by biome.
**  Spent time outside talking about the future planting plans and helping make some yard decisions.

** Scrambled States of America game
** Maps, Charts and Graphs A-  p. 14-25
** Memory work- the names of the continents and oceans, the countries in North America

** Amanda Bennett Unit Study- American Government, week 1

History/Science/Literature: (These are read together unless marked IR)
Let's Go Rock Collecting by Roma Gans
American Tall Tales by Mary Pope Osborne
Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Seuss
The Big Brag by Dr. Seuss
America: A Patriotic Primer by Lynne Chenney

Memory Work
no other memory work this month aside from geography and verses.

Working on baseball skills with daddy.

Fine Arts:
Ender: daily violin practice
Lots of free art time.

Ender's Free Reading:
Magic Treehouse: Revolutionary War on Wednesday
Magic Treehouse: Twister on Tuesday (started)
several picture books.

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