Friday, March 30, 2012

Garden Party

We are so happy to finally have real space to garden, but at the same time this may not be the year. Having a new spring baby right around planting time might put a little bit of a damper on Mama being out in the dirt on her knees.

I mentioned to the boys the other day that we should take a tour of the yard and write down some ideas of what we'd like to do out there.

Of course, Ender wanted to take pictures of the barren-ness.

I've always wanted hydrangeas, and I love the idea of having a certain amount of flowers planted with the intention of being able to cut some to bring inside.

Ender has plans for tulips somewhere,
and Ezra only cares that the color red is involved at some point.

And I know there will eventually be vegetables somewhere- maybe this year, maybe not.

Still thinking and planning...


  1. I think it's fun to plan whether you execute the plan or not! Spring baby? That means soon!!!

  2. We'll just say I'm counting days rather than weeks. ;)

  3. Baby sleeping outside while you arrange pots of bulbs and get the boys planting carrots and chard and zinnias and simple to grow lovelies. I can picture it! (minus the noise...)


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