Friday, April 13, 2012

Little Bits

:: Brian and I were talking the other night about what it is that makes a person creative. He would say that he isn't creative in a traditional sense and he's not- he doesn't have a creative hobby or anything, but he's a very creative problem solver for pretty much anything we might come up against.

I, on the other hand, really start to feel it if I don't have some sort of creative outlet for a period of time. Knitting, sewing, music, writing.... I need *something* creative most every day to feel "together" or "complete".

Brian has been home with the kids a lot more lately and he has really noticed how the mood of the house changes if they haven't had a bit of "project time" for more than a day or two. They need their time outside too just like any kid, but there is a very noticeable drop in positive demeanor without time to make things.

:: I've been obsessively searching for just the right beads for the yarn I ordered for the Shipwrecked Shawl... and realized last night that there is NO WAY I will be knitting that shawl in the next several months. How is it that I keep forgetting that I'm going to have a newborn any time now? And how is it that I forget what newborns (and the lack of sleep) are like?

No... no lace knitting for a bit since I don't particularly like ripping out anything knit during times of sleep deprivation.

I might still make sure to hunt down just the right beads though...

:: Ezra is obsessed with drawing and cutting out little people. There are super heroes, pirates and I'm pretty sure he told me he made George Washington the other day. He even made a paper house to stash them in. For awhile everything was going into a paper bag and after I almost threw it away thinking it was trash he made them a home.

:: I truly dislike markers. We try to provide the boys with a very wide variety of art supplies but I am always *very* slow to replace markers. The boys do a great job of taking care of all of our different kinds of paints and colors and clay and doughs, but when it comes to markers they can *never* remember to replace lids or keep them off the couch and carpet...

:: We've been surprised each day as we go out into the yard to find new things popping out of the earth, especially in places we thought had very little if anything planted. It reminds me of how much I love this season. There is something new each day- and at this new house, something a little mysterious as we figure out what all is planted here!

:: I am still deciding what exactly to cast on next since I finished the Hemlock Ring Blanket last night. One last little baby knit? The cardi I've loved since before I really even knew how to knit**? More socks?

**I've literally had the February Lady Sweater in my queue since August of 2008. At that point I'd knit about 4 cotton washcloths. I've actually knit the sweater to about 90% once 2 years or so ago, but I messed it up so badly that I tore it all out. I think I can handle another shot at it now...


  1. I was never a fan of markers either. Crayons were my favorite :) Have a lovely weekend!!! Go for a cardi!!

  2. I'm swinging for the socks! But then, i know me, babes, and frogging a nit. With 4 4th, I resolved to get the toes, then could sleep through the st st! looking forward to seeing that bundle of juicy love in some handknits!

  3. Being a clematis fanatic, I searched for clematis in your posting. I wonder if you have clematis in your new gardens? That would be exciting!
    All the best in the days to come!


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