Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yarn Along

I had a knitting dilemma about 2 weeks ago. I cast off my last planned baby knit and spent two days puttering around wondering what to knit next. My queue is certainly not a problem- it has a very healthy amount of projects in it- and most all of them already have yarn purchased. But nothing was quite catching my eye and I felt a little pull to keep up the baby knitting until the baby actually arrived.

{She hasn't, by the way. That's why I'm still here going on about knitting.}

So I did what any good knitter would do and cast on for a few different things. I put a few hours into each one to see which one would really catch on, so it came to be that on my needles I now have a February Lady Sweater, Froot Loop socks, and Vertebrae.

The winner? Vertebrae. I really took off on it about 3 days ago and since I'm on maternity leave already just waiting for Baby Girl to show up I've been spending most of my time with yarn and needles while my boys play. I finished the little sleeves last night and started picking up for the body edging between the 3 baseball games I attended last night (1 for Ender, 2 for Brian- baseball is such a lovely sport for knitting!)

The yarn is Simplicity, and it has been beautiful to work with- I'm hoping it will hold up to baby washing. It seems like it will, but one never knows about that sort of thing.

Just a little more today (and I'm back to visit with my doctor this morning so more time to wait and knit) and another little baby knit complete. I think it may need a little hat to go with it since I have an extra skein. It certainly doesn't seem like Baby Girl is in any hurry to arrive. Perhaps I'll just keep knitting little baby things until the moment she comes.

And since I should report on my reading, I re-read the Hunger Games trilogy while I've been knitting this week. My husband just read the books (I read them about a year ago for the first time) and he wanted desperately to talk about them so I read through them again to refresh my memory and in the hopes that the third book had gotten better. He had quite a reaction to Mockingjay; it actually woke him up at night thinking about it. I hoped I was just remembering the ending in a poor light, but no- it truly did end the way it did and we both felt a little bit like the author sucker punched everyone. We both read a lot of fiction each year and a lot within this particular genre and we both felt like she cheated.

What I need now is a palate cleansing read. So I'm on to Working Stiff by Rachel Caine. I love her work in the Weather Wardens series, but I've heard mixed reviews on this one so far. Hopefully it's a better read than what I just finished!


  1. Boy you sure are industrious in your knitting! I like your "palate cleansing read" idea. If I read a really heavy book I have to read a light book after.

  2. The sweater choice is wonderful. I like the soft color. Hope your baby arrives soon, and you have a smooth delivery.

  3. That sweater is lovely and the yarn is such a gorgeous shade of blue!!


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