Monday, May 21, 2012


I made a new project list yesterday and limited myself to knitting even though I know I have a stack of sewing awaiting me as well. It included projects I'd like to knit for myself this year, gifts I'd like to give for birthdays or Christmas, and things my kids have asked for.

The list may have gotten quite long.

37 items long to be precise, and that list is heavily edited.

Now, to be fair to myself I didn't expect to actually knit all that. And eight of those projects are hats for kids 6 and younger that will only take an evening or two a piece, and there are five pairs of mittens in there...  but that's still a LOT of knitting.

All this knitting is to be done in my spare time after work and schooling is done, after the house is picked up and children fed and dishes done, a baby nursed and cuddled. Oh and showers. Showers are good.

Sounds impossible, I know, but I love a good challenge, even if that list might possibly be 37 items too long.

I'm kicking off with a finishing spree- I have queued up a few projects that are within a few hours of finishing, either with their last few rows and bind off, the weaving in of ends or the addition of buttons. I'm holding back on starting anything new until I've completed at least 3 or 4 of those unfinished bits.

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