Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yarn Along

{Yarning Along with Ginny, sharing a current knit and a current read.}

I bound off the edge of Wingspan yesterday. I have to say- this has been the perfect knit post-baby. Easy to memorize, all garter stitch, and simple to set down mid-row when baby called. I have the two ends to weave in and it will be complete.

I have a bit of this yarn left and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. What do you do with the bits of yarn that you have left over from projects? This particular yarn is fingering weight, and not a significant amount. I was thinking maybe little booties for Ellie.

I picked up the February Lady Sweater I started back in mid-April (and only knit a few rows on before getting fully involved in another project) and I think that's the next knit to push to a finish amidst all the little finishes I'm working on.

I've actually been able to read these last few weeks. That's one of the little blessings of a nursing babe. I often read during that time to make sure I stay awake enough to get a full feed in. I just finished The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks and next up is City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I've heard a lot of talk about the Mortal Instruments series, but I'm not quite far enough in to really know if this one is for me or not.


  1. I have been eyeing Wingspan myself and yours looks so very pretty.
    Hope all is well in your world and you are soaking up lots of baby love!
    Happy yarn along day.

  2. I love the yarn you chose for the wingspan. It looks very elegant! I use up the bits of fingering for scrappy hats or socks.

  3. I've seen several Wingspan and they all look so pretty. It's probably one of those things that I'll "have" to knit for myself one day. :-)

  4. Your wingspan looks so nice. I say make a hat with your scraps or a pair of crazy socks.


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