Monday, June 18, 2012

Last Month

 {sign by Ender, for Ellie's door}


{Strawberry preserves!}

{Baby cuteness!}


If I say the last 3+ weeks went by in a blur would you believe me?

I'll give most of the credit to the way time seems to move simultaneously fast and slow when you're getting technically enough sleep but not enough sleep in consecutive hours. Time can be a bit of a foggy and mysterious concept with a newborn.

I can't believe it, but Ellie is already smiling and holding her head up, and trying to push up in a serious way if you put her on her tummy.

She already feels bigger.

Oh my.

It's also baseball season for the boys- 2 nights a week for Brian, 2-3 nights a week for Ender and Ezra once a week.

Oh... and canning. Canning season has begun. I enlisted 3 of my sisters to come over and help (in exchange for yummy canned goods to take home of course!) and we put up a gazillion peaches and strawberries in the last few weekends.... well, they did. I mostly supervised and sat on a bar stool in front of the stove in charge of the stirring.

And don't even get me started on the new syrup obsession...

*Loving* this summer!

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