Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to Podcasts

I'm sure you already know this, but The Knitmore Girls rock.

See, I've been away from their podcasts pretty much since Ellie was born due to circumstances somewhat beyond my control and I've spent the last week listening at pretty much every available moment in an effort to "catch up" with them.

I'm sure you're thinking that there is absolutely no good excuse for missing their podcast for so long, but I'll make an attempt:

1} A certain son of mine decided months ago that his need for an ipod far exceeded mine and since I'm not made of money (and neither is he) we've been sharing my florescent pink ipod in an epic battle for listening time.

2} My computer died** and I had to redo everything on a new computer and I messed something up with all the podcasts I usually listen to while I knit.

3} I did that whole "move to a new house and have a new baby with 2 months" thing and generally forgot about knitting and knitting podcasts for awhile... and well everything else too. Baby Elle is a giant distraction from all things fiber.

Are those good enough reasons? 

Yeah... I didn't think so either.

But last weekend I spent much of my time making some baby food for The Girl (she's so ready for food, y'all... she growls at Brian when he eats in front of her!) and I thought about how nice it would be to have a great podcast to listen to. So I wrangled the ipod away from my 7-year-old and loaded up with eleventy-billion episodes of Knitmore Girls.


I missed so much! I so enjoy listening to Gigi and Jasmin that I've spent every available listening minute with them. My house is completely spotless right now- not because of high standards or anything- but because it gave me more time with my ipod to listen to the Knitmore Girls. They choose awesome projects and actually finish them, though not at inhuman speeds that make me feel like I suck as a knitter. It doesn't hurt that they reference pretty much every geeky thing I enjoy in passing, and the way they include a variety of fiber topics along with bits of gardening, reading, reviews... it's just a beautiful and wonderful podcast.

I'm caught up to episode 193 and I'm already worrying about what I'll listen to when I get through my Knitmore binge.

What is your favorite knitting/fiber podcast?

** Brian swears I have magnets in my body that destroy the hard drives of every computer I own. I have owned a variety of brands over the years and I have decidedly killed every single one.This is why I religiously back up to 2 external hard drives every week, so that I never lose more than a week's worth of studio and design work at a time. I never know when my computer is going to kick the bucket.

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