Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Knitting Along as a Family

Knitting along with Ginny...

Since finishing Ellie's Christmas cardigan it seems like a lot of my knitting time has been devoted to helping this little dude with his own knitting:

Knitting has long been on his list of skills to acquire, and we have indeed tried in the past two years to start truly knitting... it just didn't click and he lost interest quickly. Each time I'd tuck everything away until he'd say "maybe I can knit now..." and we would try again.

Every try yielded the same result until this time, when everything worked just right on the first try and the little phrase he uses to remember the order of motions required for each little stitch came easily from his mouth. A row here and a row there, and a few stitches while we read together all adds up to something that actually has some mass and a definite shape. And this time he keeps coming back for a little more.

And because Ezra can't let anyone upstage him he asked to learn to crochet. I showed him how to make a chain and he quickly brushed me off to do it all on his own. This one rarely wants help and his chain showed it. But Ez is always quick to smile and take pride in his ability to work on his own, no matter the actual results.

Not sure what exactly was going on with the yarn here, but I'm sure sticking your tongue out helps a lot!

We are reading together each night through some of our older classic picture books that we haven't seen since they were packed about a year ago. It's lovely to go again through beautiful books like The Story of Ping (my favorite as a child) and The Little House. On my own I'm reading The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan and Gods of Night (requested reading by my husband- he's desperate for someone to read this particular Star Trek series so he can discuss with someone).


  1. You are a very loving spouse to read a trekkie book. I just watch the episodes ;) Love the photos of the budding knitters!!

  2. Oh, that's so cute about your husband's book request. :-)

    I'm so glad that your son has shown an interest in learning to knit and crochet. I wish him the best of luck.

  3. Sticking your tongue out definitely helps! I have used that trick many times.

  4. I agree sticking out the tongue is helpful - and super cute! My daughter is learning to knit too, such frustrating fun.

  5. how sweet! I am anxious for my 5 year old son to want to learn!!


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