Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby Knit Along

{Knitting along with the lovely Ginny}

I am really loving this season of knitting life- baby knits are everywhere! They are so satisfying to work up and finish in just a few knitting sessions, and right now I need that in my knitting world.

I'm still working on the blue Vertebrae for a new nephew coming our way, and the white is a Daisy cardigan for a new niece due shortly. I'm still at the sleeves on the Vertebrae and I finished the sleeves for the Daisy but still need to pick up for the collar and then sew everything together.

I'm reading mostly on the kindle right now, which makes for boring Knit Along pictures. It's such easy access for me though since I can borrow kindle books through my library. The added bonus is being able to read while knitting stretches of stockinette since I don't have to hold pages open. It's lovely!

The boys and I are still reading Ramona the Pest and I started reading The Mysterious Benedict Society. After that I think I'm heading into Gaiman territory, but we'll see what I'm in the mood for.

What are you knitting?


  1. You are so generous to be knitting for nieces and nephews! I am going to try to knit while reading off the ipad. I still do it the old school way-trying to keep a book opened on my lap while I knit!

  2. oh i just love baby knits. <3 those wee little projects are so sweet and so rewarding. enjoy your new family members. :)

  3. I love my nook - not the same as a book but some definate advantages (like not having to hold it open.) Enjoy your baby knits. I totally agree that they are the best, sweet and quick :)


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