Sunday, January 6, 2013

Knitting Goals 2013

I really love setting goals each year for a few areas in life. It helps me to keep my focus where I want it to be so that I don't forget where I'm going and why. It can also be a really great marker for how far I've come in a year. Like last year, for example- I felt like the year had been a total loss as far as finishing knitting projects until a few days ago when I actually added them all up and found out I'd finished 19. What??? I expected it to be more like 5.

I try to make realistic achievable goals, and at the same time remember that there is nothing concrete here. If it doesn't happen it doesn't happen- and that's totally okay. It gives me direction, and that's the important part.

1. Finish 15 Knits this year. I'm trying to be a bit conservative here. I knit a lot of baby and kid things- between my own children and the niece/nephew total expanding from 6 to at least 9 this year that is about half of my knitting. I'm making a serious point of knitting for myself this year too, though. I was pregnant or postpartum all of 2012, so I didn't knit garments considering my wonky body shape(s) for the year.

2. Make at least 2 cardigans for myself. The cardigan queue is ridiculously long, I would wear them constantly... just need to get at it. (I cast on the Rocky Coast Cardigan in my annual post-Christmas bout of start-itis)

3. Refuse to feel guilty when I hardly knit for several weeks in the spring and fall. All my time and energy goes into the garden and canning at those times, so I just need to go with it. I'm still producing quite a bit, just not things to wear.

4. Make the annual pair of socks. I've come to terms with the fact that I probably won't ever be the knitter that churns out a pair a month. And that's okay. I'll settle for my 1-2 pairs per year.

5. Experiment with some alternate knitting styles. I'm really interested in Irish Cottage Knitting, most especially since it's still a right hand guided style. Left hand just isn't an option for me- I'm a violinist by profession and adding any more repetitive motion in that arm would just lead to injury I can't afford to sustain.

6. Keep adding to my cast-on/bind-off repertoire. I mentioned in my last post that I learned a few new things as called for in patterns this year, but I want to continue to learn more in this area.

7. Take a few knitting/fiber classes. I'm planning to take a spinning class at a yarn shop a little ways from here and I'm checking out a few Craftsy classes as possibilities too.

What are your fiber-related goals for this year?


  1. I think they are all doable!!! Good luck!

  2. Good for you! I would love to a) finish the projects that I have started (I think I have 4), knit 3 pairs of socks for myself, and do at least 5 family stockings this year :)


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