Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Week

The past week or so is the first length of time where I could apply the word "normal" after having illness in the house for so long. I think we caught up on pretty much everything but laundry- but when is that ever really caught up? We got back to a normal amount of school work too, and that was a bit rough. After having the better part of 3-ish weeks either completely off or only keeping up on math and reading, going back to the full schedule seemed a little rude to the boys.

I swear the last few days completely vanished. I'm not entirely sure that they actually happened, to be honest. It's been a blur of lots and lots of lessons and extra lessons for a few coming twice in one week to be extra sure they are ready for this weekend's recital.

And now you know where my brain has been- on recital. Just a few more days until that big day, and then there will be 7 full days with no students and no work schedule- just a few adventures the kids and I have planned.

On the Needles...

My knitting time has been more limited than usual so I'm still finishing up the little February Baby Sweater for my soon-expected niece. I am looking forward to starting something new, though. Do I make myself finish a Shapely Boyfriend sleeve first? Maybe...

I read...

I finished Julie of the Wolves and I got a copy of Sally Melville's latest book to savor over the next few months. I've been keeping myself from jumping right in, because I know I won't want to emerge for many hours.

Learning all the time…

April is the month of school related deal making. It's when I find myself saying things like, "if you do double math every day this week we can take extra time off in May..." and other things like that. The funny thing is, this time Ender actually took me up on it and said that he wants to finish his math book by the end of April so that he can take all of May and June off. I told him that was fine by me as long as he does xtramath during his months off. And because he loves xtramath a deal was made and he's already made himself a chart of how much he has to do each day to finish in time for his goal.

In the Kitchen...

I think I made my last round of semi-pureed baby food Monday night. Ellie is really mostly on table foods already, but some foods she likes as purees haven't quite made it into her rotation on the tray yet in their whole form (like broccoli).


I'm aiming to start working on a few sewn things for the kids in the next few weeks if I can get myself together in time for Kids Clothes Week. People are pinning some very lovely things on the KCW boards.

Watching (Spoiler Free, of course...)

After approximately 1 million people told us we should, we finally watched the first season of Big Bang Theory. And it was hilarious- except for watching Leslie and Leonard play the violin and cello in one episode. That was painful. I have learned to never watch when a t.v. character "plays" a string instrument. It's always terrible. I've been told that Benedict Cumberbatch "plays" a respectable fake violin in Sherlock, but I'm not that far in the series yet.


If it ever decides to stay above 50F here for more than 3 days in a row, I'll get going on this category. The plans are made, most everything is ready, we're just waiting on the weather to make up its mind about what season we're in.

This weekend...

Recital weekend! So I will see you guys again next week after my brain has cleared of all things recital.


  1. Leslie and Leonard.... hahahaha!!! I'm telling Matt you said this, because he thought I was nuts!

    1. Hahaha, Laura... Brian has a loop he repeats whenever someone is playing a string instrument on t.v.- "Stop judging them. They can't help it. They're just doing what they're told. STOP JUDGING THEM..."

      Seriously- they don't even move their fingers, and how do people think the vibrato gets in there? Osmosis???


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