Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It is hard to have anything to say today. To talk about knitting or the weird things my kids say or music...

So I will just say that my husband is a runner. In fact, his first race of the season was this past weekend and we weren't able to go. We always try to make it to his races, to stand at the end and wait for him, celebrate with him. But there was a soccer game and it was recital weekend and so very many things to do, and when he signed up for the race a few months ago he said it was no problem- he'd race alone that day and come home to join us when he was done.

But he was quietly disappointed that we weren't there to meet him.

Those moments after the race when you are so tired both mentally and physically, surrounded by family is exactly where you want to be.

We are so sad over what happened in Boston yesterday. I hope this one event does not change the way races are run. The end really should be a celebration. So many runners race for reasons- for a father, mother, sibling, friend- for someone lost, for someone sick, to prove to themselves that they can keep going, one foot in front of the other. Running has been a sort of salvation for my husband since his mom passed away- it is proof to him that he can still get up and still go on in spite of pain and grief at the loss of someone so very close to him.

We pray for Boston and for the many who will be healing for many weeks to come.

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