Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yarn Along

{Yarning Along with Ginny this week...}

More sock progress in the last few days. I turned the heel on sock #2 Monday night and got a bit of time with the foot last night after the kids got to bed. A few more inches of stockinette before I'm all the way to the toe and can finish this pair. Maybe by next week? We'll see what kind of time I can find around the children.

I'm still deciding on yarn to take on our little trip. I think I'm a little nervous about taking lace in the car for that long without a back up project since lace can be mentally complex and I'm not sure I'm really up for mentally complex while on vacation. Maybe it's the socks and the mitts for me. 

Do you see why this decision feels agonizing? I obviously can't haul a sweater's worth of yarn with me (husband might lose it on that one) but 2-3 skeins for socks or mitts or lace might be okay... But it also has to be the right project so I don't feel stuck knitting it- or else I know exactly what will happen. I will end up not knitting at all because I would rather not knit than to knit something that is annoying me.

If you were heading out for a week or two, what kind of project(s) would you take along?

I'm not reading anything exciting right now- I'm taking another pass through The Well-Trained Mind as I start prepping for next school year with the kids. I do have Son by Lois Lowry on my nightstand though, waiting to go next. I'm excited to finally have some closure on the series.


  1. I would take a big big big lace project with lace weight yarn, on size 4-6 needles. Citron is one of my favorites but i just did an EZ pi shawl and that was fun to knit as well.

    1. Oh- a Citron *would* be a good lace knit for travel, and I think I have enough yarn to do a grande version. Thank you so much for the suggestion!

  2. Love the socks. I'm planning on taking a shawl project with me when we go away in july.

  3. choices choices. lol socks are always fun (at least i think so) and fairly quick so you don't get too bored. although karen has a great idea as well. :)

  4. I really enjoyed Foliolum by Joanna Johnson as a lace knit, only two rows to memorize so it goes pretty fast, and it turns out lovely!

  5. I am usually working on a blanket or socks. We are taking two trips in the near future, but are flying this time. I am nervous about taking a cable needle on the plane!

  6. I just went to Chicago for the weekend and brought socks in progress and a Citron. Perfect summer travel knitting!

  7. I'm also in a sock phase so I think socks are a good take-along. I hear you about getting distracted or bored with the wrong project.
    Totally done that and spent my whole car ride ripping things out over and over....bleh.

  8. I would take a shawl that has a simple repetitive lace pattern, or a baby sweater! Your socks are beautiful.

  9. I'm out of town right now. I took with me: a tea pot cozy (not even started when I left), socks in progress, longies in progress, and yarn for charity blanket squares. The cozy is as finished as it can be on this trip. I'm working on the legs for the longies. I did a row or two of the socks at one point, but I've mostly ignored them and haven't touched the yarn for the squares at all. My goal is to finish the legs over the rest of the trip. Anything besides that will be "gravy." I'll take the longies and the sock in my carry on. The blanket yarn hasn't moved from the top section of my suitcase.


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