Monday, July 1, 2013

Fiber Tour

It's Tour de Fleece time! This is my first time participating, since I just learned to spin in February. I'm spinning for practice still, but this is my progress as of Saturday. This fiber is Mauch Chunky (wool) and my goal for the tour is to spin for at least 15 minutes a day working on consistency and gaining more experience. I am getting more flow to my spinning and not having to park nearly as often so yay for progress! I'll try to share pictures of my tour spinning here every few days. 

After drooling over Nerd Girl Yarns and their clever names for both yarn bases and colorways for some time, I put an alarm on my phone for the day the Who's Your Doctor club sign-ups would open. I wanted in. I've never participated in a club like this before and to be honest the mystery of the colorway was a little scary- after all, what if it wasn't really my taste? I decided that I knit for many people that like different things and I would surely find someone to knit for if the yarn wasn't to my personal taste in colorway. 

{Nerd Girl Yarns. Base: w00t. Colorway: Stringy, But Tasty All the Same.}

My first club yarn arrived June 21, and it's that pretty green and silver skein up above. I had the hardest time photographing this green accurately. It has so much more depth and vibrancy than I captured here. While I don't tend to pick out greens, I really like this one and I like the way it is going to expand the colors I tend to knit. I plan for this yarn to grow up and become a Kernel as soon as I get my hands on some appropriate beads.

The kids and I went to Makers Faire over the weekend and came away with so much inspiration! There was a pretty exhaustive collection of artists, craftsman, inventors, and anything else that involves making. We ended up hanging out for a long time in the robotics area (definitely an opportunity we need to check out for Ender in the near future!) but we also got to explore all the other booths- we watched a potter at his wheel for a long time working on a small bowl, we watched a spirograph at work, we learned how to make our own paper, we watched wood workers, tried rubber band guns, and stood for a very long time with a paper artist who shared a few awesome tips with the boys about how to make moving parts in their paper art. Both of the boys talked all the way home about how to make different things and some supplies to add to our art cabinet (I never knew straws could do so much!)

We also found our way to the Nerd Girl Yarns booth where two women were spinning at wheels. It was kind of awesome to hear my boys talking to each other about what she was doing since they know a lot of the terms. Some NGY fibery goodness may have followed us home.

Ezra's choice:

{Nerd Girl Yarns. Base: <3 Heart You. Colorway: Fantastical Fascinator.} 
[He doesn't yet know what he wants, but mittens are likely.]

My choice:

{Nerd Girl Yarns. Base: Bounce and Stomp. Colorway: Blue Box Exploding.}
[This yarn is intended for socks]

Ender's Choice:

{Nerd Girl Yarns. Base: Polwarth Wool, 4 oz. Colorway: Firebending.}
[I told Ender he may have to be the one to knit this after I spin it. He looked shocked and pleased at the same time.]

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