Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spinning Forward

Now that I've been spinning for a little while I'm feeling mentally ready to move forward. My hands and muscles are nowhere near ready for that next step forward. I am very much still working on mastering the physical act of spinning in the one way I know how to spin, but I'm ready to move on in my head to learning some of the reasons behind spinning techniques and learning different methods so that I know what is out there technique-wise so that I can move forward once my hands are ready to branch out.

I've been sort of obsessively reading several spinning boards on Ravelry and trying to pick through the complete newbie threads to get to the ones where new spinners are asking "what next?" and reading the resources recommended to me and others before me.

I would *love* to learn in person with someone else. I teach private music lessons and I understand how important it is to have that immediate feedback as you learn a new physical skill. I have run into several issues on this front, however- mostly related to my schedule and the fact that I'm working during the local-ish guild meetings. I'm hopeful for a new shop that is opening next month about 45 minutes from me that they may offer classes that will help me grow as a spinner.

In the meantime, I thought it might be a good idea to list several resources in one place- after all, if I could use a reference source I'm sure others can as well! I'm imagining a post that will live in perpetual update, adding books, articles, videos and other resources as I find them or as other people send me information. Then it will all be there together, hopefully saving someone else the time it has taken me to hunt down information and good sources of fiber.

What do you think?

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