Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yarn Along

{Yarning Along with Ginny}

I'm still mostly spinning this week since this is the last week of the tour and I'd *love* to finish plying all my singles before the tour is over, but I did work on finishing the body of Ellie's cardigan this week too. I'm ready to start the garter border and then move on to the sleeves.

I decided against striping the whole body. I used Excel to try out different striping patterns visually to see what I'd like and this is the pattern I settled on, knowing that if it didn't look so great in the actual knitting I'd just rip back. I'm pleased with how it has turned out, but now I have to decide whether to leave the sleeves plain or to add striping of some kind there.

I did cast on for the Kernel with the yarn I shared last week, but that is literally all I've done- not even one row has been knit. I don't remember what came up, but I know it was a child of mine and I just haven't gotten back to Kernel to move on. I decided to go ahead and knit the upper edging first then leave it on scrap yarn to start the lower edging so that I can knit to the end of the yarn (or nearly) without having to worry about saving enough yarn for the other edging.

I'm reading The Spinner's Book of Yarn Designs by Sarah Anderson in little bits at night and learning so much with every reading. I already know I'm going to have to read it again- there is so much information for a newbie like myself to take in!


  1. I don't have that book yet but it is on my list. I heard it is great!

  2. love that cardigan! I vote for a strip in the sleeve but either way it would look great; without strip more's quite lovely!

  3. I really do think it is so wonderful that you spin your own yarn and you design sweaters, you rock!
    Oh, I vote for a stipe in the sleeves too.

  4. I love stripes so very much! You are making a beautiful sweater.
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. You've chosen a lovely colour combo on the cardigan! Looking forward to seeing the end result.


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