Monday, August 19, 2013

Holiday Knitting

Yep. I'm thinking about the holidays already. Fall baseball season started last week, I go back to my regular work schedule in September and all the usual school year activities start up, then before I know it it will be Thanksgiving and about 1 second later Christmas will be here... so before all of that gets moving I'm picking patterns so that I can order yarn if necessary and then have the time to make the actual knitting happen.


Plans are tricky things. I tend to overplan at this point and then whittle down as December first draws nigh. I also like to plan for things I know the kids will need this winter- like I know Ellie needs a hat and mittens, and Ezra picked out yarn from Nerd Girl Yarns specifically for mittens for him (because this kid seriously wears his mittens out every year. I *just* knit some last Christmas and repaired them. I'm going to repair them again and still knit him another pair.)

My boys have both requested a sweater for this winter. They keep growing, and Ezra has this very inconvenient way of keeping up with his brother in size so I rarely get to pass hand knits down from Ender to Ez even though there are 2 years between them. I'm considering Soledad and Alec and I'm also kind of thinking up an idea of my own. Ack! That sounds like it will take way more mental space than I have available right now. Maybe I'll start it and see if it goes anywhere and if it doesn't by a certain date I'll frog and move to a pattern that allows me to download and go.

I'm thinking about maybe knitting some little food for Ellie to play with with her baby dolls and maybe a little blanket for a dolly because only one of her 2 dollies currently has a blanket.

And if I want to REALLY shock the boys I'd finish their closet monsters that I started and stopped and started and stopped about a year ago... No promises on that one though.

Obviously, my plan is still taking shape. Are you looking toward the holidays yet? What are you planning to make?


  1. since I teach knitting classes and have to knit up samples, I have some holiday knitting done which is quite convenient. There are still a few people I would love to knit for! need to make a list...

  2. I just started on my holiday knitting, there is SO MUCH to do!


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