Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yarn Along: Fickle

{Yarning Along with Ginny}

This week I:

Finished the lace work on the little purple hat for my niece. 

Finished the "Upper Edge" for the Kernel scarf and started the "Lower Edge".

Added about 2 inches to the leg of one of my grey and coral vanilla socks.

Cast on for Cerus and completed one very long row.

Put a little more time into one of the sleeves for Ellie's cardigan.

It all adds up to a lot of stitches and a ton of progress, but not a very flattering picture. The lace work all looks like a pile of yarn (as lace tends to look before it's finished and blocked) and there is no discernable progress on the socks, Cerus or Ellie's cardigan to anyone other than me. If I could have focused myself into one thing I'm sure I'd have an awesome photo for you.

Our local schools are back in session this week so it hit me on Monday that it is almost fall and Ellie will need mittens and a hat and I was hoping for mittens myself, and a good warm scarf (hence the Cerus). The boys both need hats, and I'm sure they'll request scarves since theirs are a couple years old.

I know the right answer to this situation is to buckle down on a few things (namely Kernel and Ellie's cardigan) and then jump into fall knitting, but I just can't seem to focus my attention I really want to cast on EVERYTHING in sight and I'm trying so very hard to resist. Next week I'll either have a ton of progress on specific projects to share with you, or I'll have 14 million new projects started and look like a crazy person.

I just started reading Chosen by Ted Dekker last night, and the boys and I started reading the first Boxcar Children book together yesterday. I also have Catherine, Called Birdy from the library since it was one of the chapter books I wanted to consider reading with the boys in connection with our history study this year, but I can't get into it. If I don't enjoy the first chapter or two, I'm pretty sure it's not a book I'll be able to get the boys into.


  1. You have so many pretty projects going on! I have had such a case of cast on itis myself lately. Nothing is getting done because I'm working on everything!

  2. You have alot going on! And each project is lovely. I really like the green, it looks like a beautiful mossy color.

  3. So many pretty knits- love the color choices- the mossy green pattern and color is divine.

  4. You have really been busy Erin. I really like the purple lace.
    I had one son that read Catherine, Called Birdy, he didn't like it and the other boys wouldn't even give it a glance. There are so many books out there, my advice is to find something your boys will enjoy.

  5. Hello

    I found your blog through Yarn Along.
    Your knitting is lovely, that purple lace is beautiful.

  6. I wish you luck on your chosen projects...or I'm willing to look at pictures of LOTS of projects and think you're crazy as you like. :)

  7. My project list was about that long 2 weeks ago... I committed to 15 minutes (or more) a day working on just one of them, and knocked them out in no time! That said, it all looks lovely!

  8. you have been quite the busy little knitting bee! I say cast on more and more and more, so I look okay with my three going on four projects on the needles :)

  9. Love your projects, especially the green scarf. I have had a run on fall projects too. Seems rather timely!


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