Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yarn Along: Sleeves

{Yarning Along with Ginny}

I decided on Sunday to focus really hard on the two cardigans currently in my In Progress basket. I'll need mine pretty soon, and Ellie will need hers. I need to be able to move on to other things too- all the mittens and hats and other fall projects are calling to me.

I've been slogging through sleeve number one on the Shapely Boyfriend Cardi. I semi-forgot that sweaters aren't as portable as my typical projects, so it hasn't been traipsing through the house and out the door with me like I usually do with my knits-in-progress. But I did spend the evening with it for the last two nights in a row and made dedicated progress. Dare I hope for both sleeves to be finished by next week? And maybe even a whole cardigan??? It so depends on keeping my focus. I'm taking the socks with us on a field trip for the boys tomorrow in case there is down time, but otherwise I'm planning my attention to be on the cardigan.

I have to say that I also remembered this sweater as bulkier than it is- I think because it was taking up so much room in my project basket (and mocking me from there) and as I laid it out for photos I found that I really really love the shape of it and it's going to be a great cardigan for me. I just need to stay focused and bully my way through the sleeves.

I had planned to start Ender's Game last week in preparation for the movie, but I got a library notice for a kindle book available. Since they only have a 21 day lending time frame I'm working on that one first: Enchanted by Alethea Kontis. I started it just last night, so not very far in but so far so good.


  1. You really are so close to being done, I think you can make it by next week!
    That a great color sweater and I know you are really going to enjoy wearing it. "They" say we are going to have a very cold winter so you knit is just in time.

  2. so so so close! I agree that sweaters are NOT portable like a lacy shawl or a sock. and all that weight on your lap can make you a little toasty in this humid weather.

  3. oh....I have a couple projects mocking me from afar, too!!!! (I'm still ignoring them, though.....wonder what their next attention grabber will be?!)

  4. keep pushing are so close! And perfect timing as the weather will be perfect for cardi's soon!!

  5. I think the fact that the cold weather will be here shortly is getting alot of us motivated to work on those sweaters! I bought enough yarn for 2 of them and I'm waiting till next month to cast them on.


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