Monday, August 26, 2013

You'll Never Guess

This weekend we took a little runaway trip. A quick one before the full school year schedule starts up again and weekend runaways aren't possible. We still had to be back in time for baseball games on Sunday, but it was worth it.

I purposely brought knitting projects that just need to be finished since my in progress basket is so full and wouldn't it just make sense to bring the bulkiest thing in there so I'd come home to a half empty basket?


The long laid aside Shapely Boyfriend. It seems like an unlikely knit to take along, I knew I'd have a few hours to kill in the car both directions, and with the kids watching a movie as we drove, I might be able to actually knit.

I know I've told you before that I have problems with finishing sleeves, but in reading the directions again I was reminded that there was a specific problem with these sleeves, in that the directions weren't making sense to me and I didn't have the brain power way back when I originally reached the sleeves to just fix it myself. I tried a few different ways while on the trip and ended up putting the sweater aside after just a few rounds in favor of working on the grey and coral socks (which now have both socks decreased back to 64 stitches and are ready for knitting round and round).

Apparently my knitting brain is lazy these days.


The sleeves...

They have begun.


  1. and may you finish your sleeves and have a completed sweater!! Glad you had a getaway before the school year.

  2. Sleeves are not a bunch of fun. I despise them usually. I can't believe another school year is about to begin. I'm a little out of touch since my daughter is starting college, so that is a different mind-set altogether!


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