Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Mondays can be strange around here. We get going on our morning around the house and get going on school right after breakfast so that our afternoons are free for whatever needs attention.

Yesterday it was truly free time. The laundry was caught up and so were the dishes, there were no pressing school things begging for attention, and there were no studio things to do. I declared the afternoon to be creative time, and as soon as the baby went down for her nap the boys and I headed downstairs to make things.

They did some art and lots of lego time.

I went to the sewing machine and

:: Finished a white diaper cover from a knit fabric- my first time working with a knit. {LOVE this tutorial.}

:: Cut out and almost finished a little tunic dress.

:: Cut the pieces for another pair of leggings and another diaper cover. 
{There is an awesome leggings tutorial| too if you need one.}

I'm hoping to finish up the tunic dress today and try it on Ellie. As long as it fits her correctly I'll cut out 3 more dresses in the same way and sew 3 more. She's really wanting to wear dresses a lot of the time now, and the thing I like about these the most is that they will start out as dresses but then become a top as she grows. At some point I'll cut the sleeves to be short sleeves so they aren't an odd length and that will make it work until the arm scythe isn't big enough anymore.

Still on the sewing list:

1. Three more dresses for Ellie.

2. Two more pairs of leggings.

3. At least two more diaper covers.

4. Pajamas for Ender and Ezra (1 pair each).

And then back to our regularly scheduled knitting and spinning for awhile.

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