Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yarn Along

{Yarning Along with Ginny}

I've made some sock progress, but really I haven't been knitting for the last several days. My creative time has mostly been going toward sewing lately, as I'm trying to finish up our little girl's fall/winter wardrobe. A few more long sleeve dresses and pairs of leggings will do it, then it's on to the knits she'll need this winter.

I'm almost finished with the striped cardigan I started over the summer (1 1/2 sleeves and a button band to go) and she already has 3 other cardigans for the fall/winter. I might add one more, but only if she seems to be outgrowing what she has. I purposely knit a little large so that they will go all winter. I'm happy to roll up sleeves for a little while!

I'm planning to knit her some leg warmers for under the dresses she loves so much. We have wood floors in much of the house so socks are really not a great option for her (I'm envisioning head wounds and knocked out teeth) and I think leg warmers might be just the thing for this period of time when socks are a no go- and they'll help me use up my odds and ends of worsted and DK weight from the last several finished projects.

I also need to knit her a few hats for this season and her first little pair of thumb-less mittens. Ezra has requested that he and Ellie have some matching mittens this year, so probably not pink mittens, but I have some cute rainbow-y yarn that is muted enough to work for a boy and a girl. I think I'm most excited about the mitten knitting for my littles.

Any suggestions for other winter knits for toddlers?

I'm in a  book slump right now, so nothing interesting to report here. I started up Ender's Game again, but since I'm re-reading it for about the 10th time it just doesn't have that urgency to get it finished. It's more like a slow "savor and enjoy" read. The boys and I finished listening to Trumpet of the Swan and started listening to Farmer Boy yesterday. We've already had a lot of interesting conversations- "what does tardy mean? What's Oxen? Why didn't they just get in their car?"


  1. I am going to be casting on a little pullover vest for Emerson, something that will keep her warm, but not so bulky that it will be uncomfortable to play in. I like you idea of little mittens and will add that to my list.
    Love your sock!

  2. What I see on your photo looks very pretty, love the yarn!

  3. That pattern looks great with that yarn. It's hard to find good patterns for variegated yarns.

    1. That was the challenge for this yarn. I usually choose yarn for all my projects with very little color variance, but I'm trying to branch out a bit.

  4. love the socks you have going!!! great use of that variegated stuff....i'm going to remember that one!!!

  5. that yarn colorway is gorgeous and I bet you smile while knitting, so cheerful!

  6. I second the vest! It is great to be able to add to everything else you have made her and looks super cute over a shirt and skirt, ooh with leggings :) Visiting from

  7. I love that sock pattern that you're using. It complements the sock yarn so well!

  8. Fantastic sock pattern. How wonderful that you are making clothes for your little girls wardrobe. Sounds like you have made good headway already.

  9. I love what is on your needle. Beautiful pattern and yarn.

  10. I recently knit my three year old a skirt, and she LOVES it. I really like the stitch pattern.

  11. I just finished a hat for my 4 year old and its so cute, you can see it here


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