Monday, December 9, 2013

Quick Question

A quick question for my yarn-y friends...

What on earth do you do with all your partial skeins after finishing a project?

A few {admittedly weird} things you should know before answering:

1. I have a serious aversion to partial skeins. I can't bear the fact that perfectly good yarn is sitting there unused.

2. I knit in a lot of different weights, so I've got leftovers for pretty much every weight but bulky. If I had mostly one weight I think I'd be okay with figuring something out. Maybe.

3. Yardage has been known to be the deciding factor on whether or not I will knit a project, and not in the usual way. Let's say a project calls for 3 skeins of yarn but I'm only going to use a third of that last skein I'm unlikely to knit that particular project.

4. I am unlikely to knit a project that is seriously long-term. Knitting squares out of leftovers and then sewing them into a blanket after 5 years of acquiring squares will probably make me crazy. Maybe that's crazier than I already am.

After knowing those few little things it probably goes without saying that I really love projects that allow me to get down to the last scraps of yarn. Anything else feels like a waste.

So... what do you do with your partial skeins?

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  1. Well if you have two half skeins of fingering weight you can do a two row striping and make a sock head hat. Done them many many times. I save everything and sort by weight and type (wool superwash cotton). Then you just never ever know if you need to stripe something in a sweater or maybe you want to put sleeves on yarn to hold while you knit the body.


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