Friday, February 28, 2014

Tea Towel Apron

 Finished with a large front pocket

 Cute pie fabric on a rust tea towel makes for a quick apron. I made a bunch for Christmas gifts and this is a requested gift too. They are a quick project except for when it comes time to put the straps through the side of the tea towel... and I have to search for 10 minutes to find the tea towel I had been working on just moments before. It is not on the floor, not on the table, not on the chair, again, not on the floor, not on the table, not on the chair, not UNDER the table, COME ON..... it makes me crazy to lose what I am working on. It's almost always behind my computer on the table, just enough out of sight .

Sewing the straps

I always have 2-3 pairs of scissors around while I work. OKAY- today I have 4 on the table but I just lose them as I sew. They walk to the other side of the table all by themselves along with my pens and my calculator. I know part of the problem is working on more than one project at a time. Just today it is the apron, a geisha pattern design block & sample for my quilt group, my long term two year  Di Ford- Quilt Mania quilt ( I will share that later) and a sample table mat. I am definitely an "organized messy". 


I like to work on 5-6 projects at a time but I do get them finished. I do have three or four unfinished projects in the basement (but I can't see them so it doesn't bother me). Although I never count the quilts that just need the bindings added to be completely finished because then I would have too many unfinished projects. I just bind them before I give them as a gift. 

I think most people are a starter or a finisher. Which one are you? 

How many projects do you work on at once?

- Sue

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  1. I love to start projects and I love to finish them. So I guess I'm both in a way. There is nothing like planning a new project and there is nothing like finishing one, taking photos and blogging all about it. Love your apron :)


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