Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow Day (Weekend) Knits

Last week was not a fabulous week here. Doctor's appointments, extra work hours for me and my husband, and a few missed events because of those two things really bothered me. We didn't get enough school time in, the house was far from where I like it to be, and the jobs waiting to be done (like reorganizing a closet) that could normally be done at any later date seemed to scream at me.

So I made a list, tried to account for time to rest, and we jumped in on Friday morning. The boys worked on schooly things while I sorted through the giant box of papers we've acquired in our school room since the first of the year. I put my rest time into a sock I cast on at knit night on Thursday night. Just as I was about to jump in on chores again, my husband texted me about snow. Sleet starting mid-afternoon Saturday, with snow called to pile up over the following 24-36 hours.

Right then I made a deal with myself. Getting all the chores done during what was left of Friday instead of spreading them out over the weekend like I had planned would equal time to knit, knit, knit. I may have also promised my boys some bonus time with video games if they helped.

So we worked really hard. We made it through the bathrooms, and the rest of the laundry, the vacuuming and the mopping. We had dinner together, finished up the kitchen and after children made it into bed I went to work on my sock.

I may have laid there awhile too, just soaking up the stillness my body needs right now.

By lunch time on Saturday I was one sock richer, and the snow hadn't even shown up yet. And by this morning, I'm up through the heel flap, and waiting for a bit of time later today to turn the heel.

Of course tonight it's back to work, and working through the rest of the week. But maybe a completed pair by Wednesday or Thursday?


  1. You can do it? Any results from all the dr visits yet? Wondering...I listen to the podcast on downcast and it was easy to subscribe :)

    1. Karen, I'm so glad you were able to get the podcast on downcast. Thank you also for spreading the word. :)

      I have partial results. We know I have Sjogren's Syndrome based on labs and some of the minor symptoms, but the neurological problems I'm having are a separate issue and getting worse. I had brain MRIs this morning and another big lab draw last week. My earlier spine MRIs showed no evidence of disease. But my symptoms keep progressing and they're still trying to figure out why.


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