Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crazy Pants

 My boys have developed a special disease called yarn blindness. I've heard this happens in homes like ours. There's yarn in strange places, it seems to be everywhere as my projects move through the house with me, and to be honest, I have yarn blindness too. After awhile you just don't notice the skein of sock yarn on the kitchen counter next to the bananas and paper towels. This was bound to happen.

Because of this, the boys really don't notice what I'm making- unless it's for them. Then they notice each individual stitch and absorb every ounce of knitting information they can as it pertains to that particular project. Funny how boys can focus when they want to, right?

Since the exploding socks are the only ones on the needles at the moment, they've been following me around, begging for a few stitches at a time. I wish I could work a little more consistently at them, but the last two days have been lousy for use of my hands.

The boys were working on homework last night at the kitchen counter while I had the privilege of cleaning out the refrigerator. We were each doing our own thing, when Ezra suddenly piped up.

"Are those the next socks you're making?"

He pointed to the socks on the counter, and when I said yes, his eyes grew giant and he stuck his lips out in a way that I can only describe as classic Ezra.

"Don't you think they're kind of crazy pants?"

Why, yes, I do think so. Thank you very much, son.

One of the things I challenged myself to do with socks is to be a little bolder about color choices. They are JUST SOCKS after all, and if you can't have fun with your socks there is a problem to be had.

The thing is, I'm all about neutrals in my wardrobe. I do a lot of "jeans and a black t-shirt" and branching out beyond that takes a real effort on my part. So I'm trying to branch out with socks.

These socks are a little crazy pants, but I like them that way.

Book of the Week: The Immune System Cure by Lorna Vanderhaeghe, given to me by a friend in our quest to help solve my medical mystery. I actually have quite the "Immune System" stack on my night stand at the moment. Some of it seems helpful, some of it I'm not sure about. Some sounds a little hokey and silly, but I'm reading everything, because it doesn't hurt to at least read about it.


  1. nothing wrong with some eye catching socks to brighten a wardrobe! I'm near the finish line with my pair of socks, and I'm excited :)

  2. I never knew that was what it is called, but we have yarn blindness in my home too. I'm not complaining, I like it!
    I'm knitting socks too and quite enjoying myself.

  3. I love having bright colored socks even though most of what I wear is a little softer in color. Those colors you are using work well together and will compliment a lot of things.

  4. Crazy coloured socks are my favourite. I don't think I even own any sensible ones :) Yours look lovely, bright and cheerful


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