Thursday, March 13, 2014

To Buy or Not to Buy

I came across a new fabric line called "Plum Sweet" by Blackbird Designs from Moda. I just love it. It is so sweet and I thought it might make an "oh so cute" little girl quilt for one of the granddaughters in the future.

I am pretty project oriented, which means I only buy when I have a plan for the fabric. The plan may be for far off in the future, but there is usually a project plan.  The thing is, manufacturers often do one run of a fabric and when it is sold out it is gone. Forever. 

That isn't a big problem unless you finally get to the project many years in the future and find you have not bought enough of your favorite fabric and now you can't find it anywhere. You can try to add other fabric lines to it and that can work, but it is still sad to not have enough of your favorite fabric. 

So after seeing the Plum Sweet line, I needed a project to really justify the fabric. I found one at Bunny Hill- just enough "I have a project!" to justify the purchase in my mind.

 I ordered my 32- fat quarter Bundle from Stash Addict Quilts. This was my first order with them, and when the package arrived I found  a few small extras included. That was a happy surprise and coupled with fast shipping made for some great customer service.

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