Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 Goals, 6 months later

I shared my 2014 fiber goals back in January, and thought we'd check in with them today.

1. Finish 15 knits this year. It's the middle of July and I've finished 8 knitted things, including 7 (!!!) pairs of socks. On the needles: 4(!!!) sweaters, 1 pair of mittens, 2 pairs of socks. Do I go ahead and declare this the year of socks? 

2. Learn to spin with more control. I've been happy with my progress this year in spinning. I'm almost done spinning for my SPAKAL sweater, and I can't even say how I excited I am about how this project is going. Actually? More on that tomorrow!

3. Participate in the Ravellenic Games and in Tour de Fleece as I am able. I started a Ravellenic project,  but my arm did not hold up well. Tour de Fleece has been much better, and I'll have final numbers and photographs from my Tour spinning for you tomorrow.

4. Maybe actually write out a pattern or two this year? I've charted a few things, but no fully written patterns yet. This particular goal is the most exciting to me, but also the most terrifying.

5. Make 75% of Ellie's spring/summer and fall/winter wardrobes by hand. I have not even been close on this, mostly because of my arm issues. But those are clearing up and I'm finally back to spinning and knitting fully. I'm hoping to be back to my sewing machine in August.

6. Make more for the boys through this year, making at least 3 items for each of them. I have some things in progress or planned for the boys, so hopefully I'll be sharing some finished boy items soon.

How are your fiber-y goals going so far in 2014?

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