Friday, July 25, 2014

Spin Share

I'm working on spinning a little each day, and sharing my progress in this space on Fridays. 
Please join me! Share your spinning progress in comments- I'd love to see your work!

Last night I plied the 5th skein of Shetland so far. I have another 3 oz. waiting to be plied today, and I'm attempting to get another 1.5 oz. of singles onto the bobbins today to rest until I'm able to ply again tomorrow night. 

I will not get through all 32 oz. that I {secretly} wanted to get through, but I think I'll get close. I can reasonable expect that I might have 2 more skeins plied by late Sunday night, and maybe even another 2-3 oz. of singles complete by then, and I'm very happy with that. I have made so much progress this month, and I'm thrilled to have come through this project this well so far.

2 of the 5 skeins are different looking than the others- I used my new swift to wind the two longer skeins up so they aren't quite as short as the others. Each skein has very similar yardage, but the difference in how I formed the skeins makes them look significantly different. They've all had a soak, but I'm going to re-wind the shorter skeins to match the longer ones.

Have you been spinning this week? 

Share a link to your spinning progress in comments so that we can come visit your beautiful work!

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  1. I have about one more ounce to go and then ply the two ounces together. And that's the last of my fiber for my TDF project. Silly me - I though I would have time to start another spinning project but no way was that happening! Your shetland looks lovely. I bet it's real soft too.


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