Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hello world!

Hi, and welcome! You can call me violingirl. In my home life I am married to a wonderful man and I'm a mother to 2 fun little boys. I try to balance my mothering and wife-ness with the music studio that I own and run. I compose music, I sew, I scrapbook; I love to read and write, and I'm an avid blog reader. It's about time I joined the bloggy world.

I'm working to be a good homemaker, mother, wife, business owner, teacher, composer, and woman. I want to bless my husband and my children, but still be good to myself. Above all I am learning how to follow God despite my flaws and how to allow God to work in me to make me better than I can ever be on my own. What a process.

This blog is meant as a place for me to share all the parts of myself. I am learning so much about the meaning of motherhood and about being an excellent wife. I need a place to get it all out and to share my random interests. This is it. :)

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